Bringing Progress to Paradise

Bringing Progress to Paradise, by author and AGT friend, Jeff Rasley, describes an October 2008 trekking expedition to Basa village in the Solu region of Nepal. The group of three Western adventurers was only the third group of white people to visit Basa 6. What they found were people unaffected by Western consumer-culture values. The village did not have running water, electricity, or anything that moves on wheels. But the villagers live in beautiful, hand-chiseled stone houses with  flower gardens. Beyond what they already had, it seemed all the people of Basa 6 wanted was education for the children. Rasley and his friends helped finish the village school and then worked to help bring electricity to the village. Bringing Progress to Paradise describes Rasley's transformation from adventurer to committed philanthropist in his unique relationship with Basa village.  Rasley also helps recruit clients for AGT, as it is the only regular employer, other than subsistence farming, for the villagers.
Jeff Rasley