About Nepal

Nepal is one of the most fascinating Countries in the world with its natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, towering Pagodas, spectacular Himalayan Ranges with world's highest Peaks and much more. It is a country of Ethnic and topographical diversities, rich Flora and Fauna adorned with exceptional Architecture unmatched by any other country of the world. The World's highest Mountains lure you for unlimited possibilities of Trekking, Mountaineering and exploring the vast Flora and Fauna. Its friendly people attract you with their ever- smiling face and hospitality, their different cultural richness is unique to the world.

Nepal Travel Map

Although Nepal occupies only 0.1% of the earth, it shelters:
Nepalese Flag4% of Mammals on earth;
More than 900 species of Birds;
More than 600 species of Butterflies;
600 Indigenous Plant Families;
319 species of Exotic Orchids;
More than 600 Rivers and
EIGHT of the TOP TEN snow-capped mountains over 8000 meters in height in the world, including Mount Everest. Out of thirty-one snow-topped mountain peaks over 7600 meters, Twenty-two lie in Nepal!

Astonishing! And while you marvel at these facts, there are so many exciting and interesting things waiting for you in Nepal:

Trekking, Mountaineering Expeditions, White-water Rafting, Ancient city tours, Exotic Cultural Tours, Pilgrim Tours, Ayurvedic/Yoga/Meditation Tours, Adventurous Elephant Safaris and other Game-viewing Tours, Floral / Botanical Tours, Birding Tours, Bridal Tours, Bungy Jumping, Hot air Ballooning, Gliding, Rock Climbing, Mountain Flights to the Summit of the World and many others are all at your disposal in Nepal. In addition, Adventure Geo Treks as your Travel partner are here to make your dream come true!