Peak Climbing in Nepal

Niru Rai, Adventure Geo Treks LeaderNepal has serveral Mountains, Peaks, Forest, Rivers and natural resources, this is why Nepal is considered as a naturally rich country. In Nepal there are several highest peaks of the world and 1300 among them are higher than 6000 meter. Eight Peaks are in Nepal among fourteen higher than 8000 meter of the world. Likewise 32 peak higher than 7200 meter are here in this small country, including Mt. Everest.

Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) has designated 18 lesser summits, ranging in elevation from 5587 m. to 6654 m. as trekking peaks. These peaks offer a compromise between a standard trek and a full-on mountaineering expedition, ranging in difficulty from moderately steep glacier walks to technical, multi day rock and ice climbs. Previous climbing experience is not strictly necessary, but you need to be physically fit and able to cope with cold and stormy conditions.

Peak climbing is little more ambitious with a view of adventure since it is scaling of the Snowy Peaks of the Great Himalayas. The experiment and enjoyment that you get from the entire procedures and the views from the top of the peak are wonderful and unforgettable in lifetime.

Therefore Nepal called country of truly Mountains and peaks. Following is the Peak Climbing program / itinerary,

Group "A" NMA Peaks

Name of Peaks Altitude in Meter Location / Zone
Mt. Cholatse  6440 m. Khumbu
Mt. Langsisa Ri  6427 m. Jugal
Mt. Ombigaichen  6340 m. Mahalangur
Mt. Machermo  6273 m. Mahalangur
Mt. Chekigo 6257 m. Gaurishankar
Mt. Kyazo Ri  6186 m. Mahalangur
Mt. Nirekha 6159 m. Mahalangur
Mt. Lobuje West 6145 m. Khumbu
Mt. Bokta 6143 m. Kanchenjunga
Mt. Abi 6097 m. Mahalangur
Mt. Yubra Himal 6035 m. Langtang Himal
Mt. Phari Lapcha  6017 m. Mahalangur
Mt. Larkya Peak 6010 m. Manaslu
Mt. Yala Peak 5732 m. Langtang
Mt. Chhukung Ri 5550 m. Khumbu

Group "B" NMA Peaks

Name of Peaks Altitude in Meter Location / Zone
Mera Peak 6654 m. Khumbu Sagarmatha
Chulu East 6584 m. Damodar Gandaki
Singu Chuli (Fluted-Peak)     6501 m. Annapurna Gandaki
Humchuli        6441 m. Annapurna Gandaki
Chulu West 6419 m. Damodar Gandaki
Kusum Kanguru  6367 m. Khumbu Sagarmatha
Pachermo 6187 m. Rolwaling Janakpur
Imja Tse (Island Peak) 6183 m.             Khumbu Sagarmatha
Lobuche  6119 m.  Khumbu Sagarmatha
Pisang 6091 m. Damodar Gandaki
Kwangde(Kawande)       6011 m. Rolwaling Sagarmatha
Ramdung 5925 m. Rolwaling Janakpur
Paldor Peak    5896 m. Ganesh  Himal Bagmati
Khongma (Mehra)                5849 m. Khumbu Sagarmatha
Kangja Chuli    5844 m. Langtang Bagmati
Pokalde 5806 m. Khumbu Sagarmatha
Tharpu Chuli (Tent-Peak)    5663 m. Annapurna Gandaki
Mardi Himal    5587 m. Annapurna Gandaki