Rafting in Nepal

River Rafting in Nepal : White water expedition

Rafting in NepalFor people wishing to have fun with rafting, Nepal is the perfect place. Because of it's fast flowing, beautiful and powerful rivers rafting will be the perfect fun to make your heart feel happy and enjoyable. The rivers of Nepal are very perfect one for rafting because of having their sources in the glaciers draining the slopes of one or other of the great peaks, these mighty and powerful rivers cut through the Nepali countryside, swift and turbulent sometimes, placid and calm at others, providing an exhilarating means of viewing and ever-changing scenery.

White Water River Rafting:

The Trisuli, river of the Trident and of Shiva is the best introduction to wonderful rafting (you can take a trip for) one to three days. The Sunkosi, River of Gold is for the true white water enthusiast lasting 10 days. The Tamakosi River of Copper and the beautiful River, Kaligandaki for 8 and 3 days is one of the best white water rafting in Nepal.

From Kathmandu Volume Gradient Grade Distance Days River

Half day drive west 1600cts -45 cumecs 06 Ft. A mile 4- 180Km 1-4 Trishuli

One day drive west 400cts-117 cumecs 18 Ft. A mile 4+ 92Km. 3 Kali Gandaki

3 hrs. drive east 14000cts-4000cumes 10 Ft. A mile 5- 272Km 7 -10 Sunkoshi

One day drive west 1400cts - 40cumecs 25 Ft. A mile 3+ 32Km. 2 Seti Khola

2 Days drive to Hile & 3 Days Trek 7500cts- 215cumecs 12 Ft. A mile 4- 70Km. 3 Arun River

1 Day drive west 1400cts- 40cumecs 10 Ft. A mile 5+ 25Km. 3 Marshyangdi

3 hrs. drive east 1500cts 10 Ft. A mile 5+ 40Km. 2 Bhote Koshi

1 & half day drive + 2 days Trek 10500cts- 300cumecs 10 Ft A mile 5- 180Km. 5 - 7 Karnali,
Far Western