Tibet - The roof of the world

Tibet - The roof of the worldWelcome to TIBET-a land so rich in culture, tradition and steeped in religion along the far flung unique landscape, aptly called the Roof of the World. Let the age-old Tibetan myths & mysteries cast an enchanted spell that holds a visitor in thrill and excitement.

The first part of the tour offers fascinating views of the incredible formation of the highest plateau of the world with awesomely beautiful rocks, cascades and canyons slightly hidden in the thin flying mists amidst the mighty presence of MT XISHAPANGMA 8,212m.) And the 2nd part brings you so close to the Shangri-La of Tibet making you feel yourself as being part of a unique culture, a rich tapestry woven with legends, myths, rituals and festivals. The last part takes you over the majestic Himalayans offering you the long cherished breathtaking view of the Himalayan ranges including MT EVEREST (8,848m.) by an hour-long Trans-Himalayan flight on your way back from LHASA-TO- KATHMANDU.Most interestingly, this tour offers a life time opportunity to admire and compare the magnificence of the lofty Himalayans from three dimensions - from south, north & sky. Your memories of holiday in TIBET is enriched by the lingering impression of the most lavishly decorated huge monasteries & temple, saffron coloured monks, ever smiling people & their typical life style and above all, the challenging Himalayas.

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