Kailash Manasarovar Yatra

Trip Facts

Tour Type: Camping
Tour Grade: ▲▲ (?)
Maximum Altitude: 5750 m.
Best Season: May - September

Manasarovar lakeFew mountains in the world rival the grandeur of Mount Kailash (6714m), the famed holy peak in Western Tibet. Kailash has long been an object of worship for four major religions. For the Hindus, it is the domain of Shiva. It is also the abode of Samvara-a multi armed, wrathful deity worshipped in the Chakrasamvara Tantric cycle of Tibetan Buddhism. The Jains of India also revere the mountain as the site at which the first of their saints emancipated. And in the ancient Bon religion of Tibet, Kailash was the sacred nine storey Swastika Mountain, upon which the Bonpo founder Shenrab alighted from heaven.

Sprawling below Mount Kailash is the sacred Lake Manasarovar (4560m), where a ritual bath will deliver a pilgrim to Brahma's paradise and a drink of its water relinquishes the sins of a hundred lifetimes.

The 53 Km Kailash circuit is the holiest of all Tibet's pilgrimages and the beacon, which draws most travelers to Western Tibet. It is said that a Single Par karma erases the accumulated sins of a lifetime, while 108 circumbulation will achieve Salvation Or Nirvana.


DAY 01: Drive Katmandu to Nyalam (3750m) 150 Kms. / 8-9 Hrs. O/nt at Htl Nyalam.
DAY 02: Drive Nyalam to Yak Kharkha (4675m) 240 Kms / 8-9 Hrs. Camp
DAY 03: Drive Yak Kharkha to New Dongba (4500m) 160 Kms / 6-7 Hrs. Camp
DAY 04: Drive New Dongba to Mayumla Phedi (4500m) 210 Kms. Camp
DAY 05: Drive Mayumla Phedi to Manasarovar (4560m) 120 Kms. Camp
DAY 06: AM Manasarovar Parikarma by Jeep. Time permitting visit Chui Gompa.
PM Drive to Darchen (4560m) . O/nt at Guest House in Darchen.
DAY 07: Drive approx 8 Kms from Darchen Tarboche, the trek starting point of Kailash Parikarma. Trek to Dira Puk (4775m) 12 Kms / 6-7 Hrs. Camp
DAY 08: Continue Parikarma over Dolma La Pass (5650m) to Zuthul Puk (4700m) 22 Kms / 10-11 Hrs. Camp
DAY 09: The Kailash Kora ends today after an easy trek 14 Kms. Proceed to Hor Qu (4560m) at Lake Manasarovar. Camp
DAY 10: Drive Hor Qu to Mayumla Phedi (4500m) 120 Kms. / 6-7 Hrs. Camp
DAY 11: Drive Mayumla Phedi to New Dongba (4500m) 210 Kms / 7-8 Hrs . Camp
DAY 12: Drive New Dongba to Yak Kharka (4675m) 160 Kms / 5-6 Hrs. Camp
DAY 13: Drive Yak Kharkha to Nyalam (3750m) 240 Kms / 6-7 Hrs. Camp
DAY 14: Drive downhill to Friendship Bridge where transportation awaits for the Groups
final leg of journey to Kathmandu (1300m) 150 Kms / 8-9 Hrs.