Trekking - Kanchenjunga Trekking

The Kanchenjunga Region

The Kanchenjunga RegionLiterally the kanchanjunga means crystal clear in nepali while geographically the kanchanjunga mountain is the second tallest in Nepal and the third tallest in the world after the Mt. Everest of Nepal and the k2 of Pakistan. The whole trekking areas in this region stretches through and around Arun River Whose origin dates back to prehistoric period. The arun valley is one of the most beautiful regions to trek in Nepal. Traveling around this part also gives an opportunity to enjoy and experience the traditional culture of rai and limbu, athe native locals of this area. Trekking in this area is an adventure that is full of enthusiasm excitement and above all, an unforgettable life experience.

Kanchenjunga Trekking programmes and itineraries