Bhutan - Lhuntshi Cultural Trek

Lhuntshi Cultural TrekThis melodious trek takes us into an area rarely visited by Westerners, the Lhuntshi Valley, cradle of Bhutan's aristocracy. Though the scenery is typically, stunningly Bhutanese, the emphasis in Lhuntshi is on culture and tradition of this hidden enclave of Bhutan. One witnesses the best weaver of Bhutan weaving the beautiful, highly intricate textiles. One wandering through oak and pine forests and terraced fields, stopping in villages to enjoy archery tournaments, visits to monasteries, and Bhutanese hospitality.

This trek can be done from October to May.


Day 01: Arrive Paro from Bangkok, Kathmandu or Delhi.
Day 02: Thimphu sightseeing. Hotel.
Day 03: Drive to Punakha. Hotel.
Day 04: Drive to Trongsa. Hotel.
Day 05: Drive to Bumthang. Hotel.
Day 06: Bumthang sightseeing. Hotel.
Day 07: Drive to Lhuntshi. Camp.
Day 08-14: Luntshi cultural trek. Camp.
Day 15: Drive to Mongar. Hotel.
Day 16: Drive to Trashigang. Hotel.
Day 17: Drive to Samdrup Jonkhar. Hotel.
Day 18: Drive to Ghuwati (India). Fly to Calcutta and Bangkok