Bhutan - The Snowman Trek

Trip Facts

The Snowman TrekTour Type: Lodge/Camping
Tour Grade: ▲▲(?)

The Lunana trek can be combined with the Chomolhari trek to become the Snowman trek, a long and demanding trek taking three weeks. This trek is considered to be one of the most difficult in the Himalayas. It covers the distance of 356 kilometers (221 miles), crosses eight passes, several of which are over 5,000 meters (16,400 feet), and stays at an average altitude of 4,000 meters (13,000 feet). Connecting three of the most remote and high valleys along the northern border of Bhutan parts of which can cut off from the rest of the world for six months of year.

This trek is best done in April-May and September-October.


Day 01: Arrive Paro from Bangkok, Kathmandu or Delhi. Hotel
Day 02: Paro sightseeing and hike to Taksang. Hotel.
Day 03-07: Trek to Chomolhari & Lingshi. Camps
Day 08-20: Trek to Laya & Lunana. Camps
Day 21-26: End trek at Nakachhu. Camps
Day 27: Drive to Punakha. Hotel.
Day 28: Drive to Thimphu. Hotel.
Day 29: Full day sightseeing of Thimphu. Hotel.
Day 30: Depart Bhutan to Bangkok, Kathmandu or Delhi.