Trekking - Manaslu - Manaslu, Rupinala, Ramrong, Lamjung

Manaslu - Rupinala - Ramrong - Lamjung Trekking (30 Days)

Trip Facts

Manaslu - Rupinala - Ramrong - Lamjung TrekkingTrekking Type: Camping Trek
Trekking Grade: ▲▲▲ (?)
Maximum Altitude: 5250 m.
Best Season: October - November, March - May

Trekking Itinerary

Day 01: Arrival at international airport and pickup and transfer to your hotel and trekking briefing with welcome dinner.

Day 02: After your breakfast sightseeing tour to Pashupatinath, Boudhanath, Swayambhunath, and Kathmandu city and back to hotel.

Day 03: After your breakfast at 7 o’ clock at 7:30 moving for the trekking by private transport to Gorkha. (6 hours drive; Lunch will be pack lunch and from Gorkha Bazaar 45 minutes walk up to the Gorkha palace which is the nice view point and a important historical place related to King Prithivi narayan Shah, visit there about 15 minutes around the palace with enjoying nice views and 10 minutes walk to the campside (kalikasthan 1650m). The campside is a very nice view point of Boudha himal, Himchuli and Manaslu.

Day 04: Kalikasthan to Khanchowk (1000m) 6 hours walk.
This day the way descent in the beginning 30 minutes several steps passing down and flat, there is already built a road but no vehicles are run there we have to walk several up and down the side of the road and most of flat trail along the ridge both side we can see very nice views even though very far mountains. You will pass many villages on the way where are mix peoples like Gurung, Chettri, Brhamin, kami, damai etc. Khanchowk is more than 25 houses settlement there, it’s like small bazaar with majority of mix peoples. And it is nice to walk at evening around Ghampesal for while.

Day 05: Khanchowk to Kharchwok (1550m) 6 hours walk.
This day the way is very local trail, just local peoples are following this trail. This day is most uphill and then zigzag up and down way through many mix village with thin forest and very nice views along the ridge. This is very interesting way for trekking. Kharchowk is settlement of several house and majority of gurung.

Manaslu - Rupinala - Ramrong - Lamjung TrekkingDay 06: Kharchowk to Barpak (1750m) 6 hours walk.
This day several river we have to pass and up and down way through the forest, we pass the Kayaure gurung village, several up and down and forest, village and forest walk. Barpak is settlement of more than 60 houses with majority of Gurung and Chettri Brahamman and many peoples from this village are in British Gorkha and Indian Gorkha army.

Day 07: Barpak to Dhansirakharka (2000m) 5 hours walk.
This day in the beginning the way is flat /straight and descent down 30 minutes to Dorondi Khola after crossing the suspension bridge the way starts to climb for the Dhansirakharka camp side. Dhansirakharka is only Kharka there, there are few shelters settlement there because the villagers from Barpak brings their cattle’s there in the summer.

Day 08: Dhansirakharka to Bhaisekharka (about 3950m) 6 hours walk.
This day all uphill along the Dorondi Khola and Juniper and pine trees forest.

Day 09: Bhaisekharka to Rupinala glacier (4000m) 8 hours walk.
This day gradually up about 4 hours and pass Rupinala pass 4643m and down hill to the glacier camp. This day is very hard day for this trekking.

Day 10: Glacier camp to ChulingKhola Kharka (3950m) 5 hours walk on the glacier. Around Chuling khola this place is one of the best valley in Nepal for the view and so quite place, we feel like hidden valley eventhough different landscape and mountains.

Day 11: Chulingkhola Kharka to Ngyak bensi (about 2000m) 6 hours walk down hill.

Day 12: Ngyak bensi to Ghap (2156m) 6 and ½ hours walk.

Day 13: Ghap to Li Gompa (about 3650m) 6 hours walk.

Day 14: Li Gompa to Raman Kunda (3950m) 6 hours walk.

Day 15: Raman Kunda to Sama Gompa (3530m)4 hours walk.

Day 16: Sama Gompa to Samdo village (3780m) 5 and ½ hours walk.

Day 17: Samdo village to Dharmasala rest house (4480) 5 hours walk.

Day 18: Dharmasala rest house to Bhimtang (3530m) 7 hours walk. 5213m Larkela pass and going down way to Bhimtang.

Day 19: Bhimtang to Dharapani (1880m) 6 hours walk down hill.

Day 20: Dharapani to Danaquekharka (5900m) 6 hours walk.

Day 21: Danaquekharka to Rambrong Danda (5000m) camp.
The way goes at beginning very steep 2 to 3 hours to Namubhanjyang pass 5560m and gradually going down and flat on the glacier to the Rambrom Danda. This is one of the best view point campside even so high place.

Day 22: Rambrong Danda to Day excoration Lamjung base camp and back to camp.

Day 23: Rambrong Danda to Taprang Dharmasala (3460m) 6 hours walk.

Day 24: Taprang Dharmasala to Ghyamrang (2450m) 6 hours walk.

Day 25: Ghyamrang to Sahure Bhanjyang (1040m) 6 and ½ hours walk.

Day 26: Sahure Bhanjyang to Begnas Tal (610m) 2 hours walk.

Day 27: Begnas Tal one day rest.

Day 28: Spare day for rest day on the way where necessary during the Adventure pass.

Day 29: Begnas Tal to Kathmandu by private transport 6 hours drive.

Day 30: Departure transport to International airport.